To offer rehabilitation to persons who are challenged. To provide respite care, medical and other health facilities to them.

To make them learn useful pre vocational skills as to lead a life of equality with dignity in the society they live in.

Helping them to select useful hobbies to keep themselves busy in their leisure time.

To develop life survival and safety skills.

To improve on their communication skills.

To provide opportunities for generalizing the learnt skills to daily life and work situations.

Provide accommodation on long and short term basis in a comfortable and safe environment.

Therapies and Counselling

Offer counselling and therapies.

  • Give special education support
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Yoga for healthy living
  • Counselling for adolescents and couples.


To create awareness among the members of the society about the formidable challenges faced by the people with various challenges and to encourage their participation in the society.

Teaching the members of society about the measures to prevent disability in mere future.

Update the family members to know about the Government's welfare and assistance.

Raise the funds through donations from organizations and individuals.

Research and Advocacy

To conduct  or participate in seminars, camps, conferences, research and training To seek the collaboration and co-operation of other voluntary and Government agencies for development activities and programmes.